Book Club Pick Week 37

Have you ever wondered “what if I just up and left everything behind and disappeared?” Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fake your own death? Or even just delete all social media and go off the grid for a while? Or just turned off your phone for a day?

I played on the edge of recluse when I was 20, living alone in solitude sunday thru thursday and tending bar fridays and saturdays to support my recluse lifestyle. You don’t require much cash when you never do anything, so my weekend gigs were all I needed.

5 days in a completely empty space and 2 days in the most populated space, yet with a large bar between me and everyone else. I’ve tasted the flavors of isolation and while I managed to do it for well over a year, it wasn’t for me. I got lonely. But it still interests me how the human mind works and how some people prefer solitude.

The stranger in the woods

I came across this book and I was instantly intrigued. The stranger in the woods – The extraordinary story of the last true hermit. The title itself draws you to it, and it promises to be extraordinary so how could I resist?

Christopher Knight lived alone in the woods for 27 years(!!!) If that’s not interesting, then I don’t know what is. Also it’s been a while since i’ve read a nonfiction and I’m feeling like I’m due one.

4 thoughts on “Book Club Pick Week 37

  1. Looking forward to it! And I know it doesn’t mean much, considering I’m a nobody but, your short poems on instagram are one of the very few that are worth reading. Else most are irregular break and new line poetry which I immediately unfollow, if at all I’d have mistakenly followed any. I love your writing 🙂

    Do you collaborate with fellow poets ?

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    1. That means so much to me! More than you could possibly know! It warms my heart, and totally made my day! Thank you! I did a collaboration or two, but I find it hard to get into. I’m more of a lone wolf type writer. 🙂

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  2. This seems like a really interesting read! In the past 7 years, the only two times that I kept myself by myself was the 10 days that I spent inside my flat alone after quitting my first job out of college, and the second a few weeks back, when internet was shunned due to some political unrest in the city, when I daringly picked up a 600 page book and started reading it.

    Thank you for the share! I’d love to wait for your detailed essay/review on the book.


    1. 10 days is alot more than most people have ever spent alone! That’s a fact that’s in the book – the author added topic research and other things, so it’s alot more than just the story of the hermit. I’ll post my review on saturday!

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