The Hapa

I have my fathers hands

But I have my mothers touch

I wish I didn’t comprise of a divide so much

This one means a lot to me. There’s a certain feeling of being torn between two people, between two personalities, between two cultures, between two thoughts and all within your one self.

The multicultural person, the biracial one that doesn’t belong anywhere and both places at once. There was a time I felt I had half the pieces of two different puzzles and none of the pieces fit together. There was no picture, it was all just tiny pieces scrambled around.

Best of both worlds is what they say. That’s the mantra, that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s getting easier with time to answer the dreaded question: Where are you from?


6 thoughts on “The Hapa

  1. Anie, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Would you be interested in submitting a story to my program? “Let’s Talk Story” is a space to explore Asian and multiracial identities in a medium of your choice. These are some suggested topics ( if any of those strike your fancy. Otherwise, I’d love to hear about how arts have been a part of your journey. Wishing you all the best!


  2. Wonderful reflection, Anie. I’m very proud to say that I favor my Norse Blood! and I’ve some Italian mixed in. 🙂

    Stunningly beautiful as always, my friend. Both the writing and the person! ❤

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